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Riding a motorbike across the Konkan has been on the bucket list for every coast lover for a long time. It’s a stony mountain range that rises from the Arabian Sea to the Deccan Plateau, and its head is raised high against monsoon winds. The resultant woods on the hills are a nature lover’s delight. The beaches along the Konkan coast compete with the best in Europe.

The mere notion of motorcycling through deep forests as the sun hides in the trees and lengthy lengths of coastal roads with the sea air caressing one’s face is enough to raise one’s excitement levels. The plain spans around 760 kilometers. Konkan comprises two Marathi words: “Kona,” which means corner, and “Kana,” which means peace.

This area receives a lot of rain and is always lush green. The peaceful beaches, temples, and delectable seafood make this coastal belt famous. The Sahyadri Mountain range runs across Konkan, with the Western Ghats in the east, the Arabian Sea in the west, the Gangavali River in the south, and the Mayura River in the north.

Konkan, the pride of the Marathas, is rich in historical monuments and temples. The shore is rich in flora and animals, providing a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Pune to Konkan Bike Trip

Best Time for the Ride

The best time to visit Konkan is during the rainy season, when every possible aspect of the Konkan hamlets transforms into a miniature waterfall, delighting visitors.

The following is the ideal itinerary for a 4-day Konkan bike tour from Pune. On the stretch, you’d come across the following locations.

1. Diveagar

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Diveagar, located in the Raigarh District, boasts a crystal clean, uncrowded beach that stretches for 6 kilometers and is a significant tourist destination in the area. It is 160 kilometers from Pune and takes around 4 hours to get there. There is a fishing village on one end of the beach, while on the other, there is a seagull sanctuary with thousands of migrating seagulls. Aside from it, the Suvarna Ganesh temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesha, is another popular tourist destination in the area.

Divegar is primarily a fishing village, and you may arrange for a fishing trip with the local fisherman. Near the beach, water sports such as paragliding are accessible. The sea fort of Murud Janjira is a must-see. This ancient fort lies amid the ocean, an hour’s drive from Diveagar!

2. Shrivardhan and Harishareshwar

Shrivardhan, a town in the Raigadh District around 18 kilometers from Diveagar, is a tranquil location amid nature. A well-known temple here is the Somjai temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva. If you are tired of riding your bike, you can take a boat from Shrivardhan to Harihareshwar. Harihareshwar is renowned as the Kashi of South India because of its temples and beaches. Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, and Pushpadri are the three hills that surround them. Lord Shiva himself is claimed to have blessed the must-see Harihareshwar temple. The temple and the seashore are just next to one other. With three lingas dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and Parvati, this temple is one of a kind.

3. Anjarle

Harihareshwar is around 55 kilometers away from Anjarle. It is located in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri District and is one of the most beautiful locations in Konkan. Anjarle is a tiny harbor located near the mouth of the Jog River. It is known for the Kadyawarcha Ganapati temple, which is located 25 kilometers from Dapoli Taluka.

Anjarle offers beautiful beaches with palm and coconut palms all around. Take a lengthy walk on Palm Beach after the darshan at the hilltop Ganesh temple; it will leave you wanting more. The Kelshi beach, located 8 kilometers from Anjarle, is worth seeing. The route goes next to the sea, and seeing the waves from your bike is an unrivaled pleasure.

4. Murud and Karde

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Anjarle is 20 kilometres from Murud, a taluka city in Raigadh District. It is the birthplace of Bharat Ratna Maharishi Karve, who founded India’s first women-only University (SNDT). Murud Beach offers a wide range of watersports. Dirt biking, parasailing, and other activities are available.

Another must-see in Murud is the Durga Devi temple. Murud Janjira Fort is unique in that it is the only fort along India’s west coast that has escaped Dutch and British attacks. During the monsoon season, several waterfalls appear in this area. Karde is well-known for its Karde Beach, which stretches for miles. Karde Beach is a typical Dapoli beach, with a thin layer of white sand covering the black sand at the bottom, giving it a romantic feel.

During low tides, you may ride your bike along the Karde beach to the neighboring beaches. A tunnel was supposed to connect the land fort of Kanakadurg to the sea fort of Suvarnadurg, but it is now obsolete.

Things to do in Konkan

1. Visit Ganpatipule

The first item on the to-do list is to go to Ganpatipule, a stunning location. The azure beaches of the Arabian Sea contribute to the attractiveness of the location. The lush paddy fields add to the entire experience by bringing in the flavor and character of country life. The site is also home to a 400-year-old Ganpati deity, which adds to the area’s appeal.

2. Roam Around the Village of Harnai-Murud

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Exploring the lovely villages of the Harnai-Murud is next on the list of beautiful things to do. You may find some of the most stunning natural sights here. If you have children with you, you will discover that they like the surroundings. Apart from the beautiful flora, the area is also home to some of the most spectacular forts, such as Kanakdurg, Suvarnadurg, and the Fort of Goa.

3. Explore the Coastal Town of Alibaug

The seaside village of Alibaug is recommended for people who enjoy beaches and coastlines. It is easiest to reach this location by taking the path that circles the Gateway of India in Mumbai. In terms of historical significance, the town has a lot to offer. There are numerous historic forts and beautiful beaches in the area. There are a few more possibilities along the Konkan coast that you might investigate.

4. Ratnagiri

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Ratnagiri is well-known for the wide variety of mangoes that you can find there. This is a town that you must visit if you are visiting Harnai-Murud. The Alphonso mangoes are famous across the world. While you’re there, check out the Ratnadurg Fort, which commemorates the accomplishments of Lokmanya Tilak, a prominent independence warrior.

5. Marine Life of Malvan

If you want to see a little bit of everything, Malvan is one of the most incredible places to visit along the Konkan coast. There are many backwaters, beaches, and a diverse diversity of marine life in the city that you must miss. The majority of visitors to this location choose to participate in diving activities, which improve the whole experience. Furthermore, numerous historic resorts in the area contribute even more to the excitement and adventure. Make sure you keep an eye on the bus schedules to get you where you need to go.

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