Paradise on Earth in India | Why Is Kashmir The Paradise

Paradise on Earth in India | Why Is Kashmir The Paradise

Kashmir has been dubbed “Paradise on Earth in India” by nature because of its incredible beauty. Keep reading to know more!

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Kashmir is adorned with magnificent Chinar trees, which color the entire valley yellow and crimson in the fall, silver lakes that turn golden at sunrise, and crystal blue rivers that flow from the freezing mountains. There are numerous Kashmir tour packages available to allow you to see some of the greatest sights in Kashmir. While you’re thinking about it, have a look at some of the things that make Kashmir a real paradise on earth in India.

Why is Kashmir Being Called the Paradise on Earth?

“Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast.”

These were Amir Khusro’s comments when describing Kashmir. He was a poet during the Maluk Dynasty’s invasion of Kashmir via the Karakoram. This is the first time Kashmir is referred to as Paradise. Rulers continued to flock to Kashmir as a favorite vacation spot. Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb, who used Srinagar as their summer capital, were the most renowned. The Mughals constructed a multitude of gardens, which gave an organized dimension to Kashmir’s free-flowing splendor.

Kashmir has been given several names in different parts of the world, emphasizing its unusual natural beauty and uniqueness. From its creation, historians gave Kashmir the term parched land (Ka= water, shimeera= dry). Kasper was named from a Greek effort to transcribe the same word. In 631 AD, Chinese monks visited Kashmir and named it Kia-shi-mi-lo. Chanchal is the Tibetan name for the valley.

Kashmir’s Natural Beauty

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Kashmir’s attractiveness stems mostly from its stunning vistas and natural landscape simplicity. The rows of cypress trees that line the banks of the Jhelum, tucked between the hillsides, are a breath of fresh air compared to everywhere else you’ve been. The meadows that protrude out of the hills cast a rainbow of colors at you, leaving you feeling pleased. Kashmir’s surrealism has a special way of creeping into your soul.

The precise mix of colors that aesthetically provide pleasure accounts for the majority of its attractiveness. The birds and fauna make a much more harmonious sound than they do elsewhere. Kashmir, at its core, is a synesthesia inducer.

Paradise on Earth in India

1. The Autumns

Autumn’s burnt orange and roadways dotted with nature’s yearly sheddings bring to life what most of us have only seen in Windows screen savers. The light is gold, and the trees’ colors are scarlet and amber, contrasting the calm chill with their warm palette.

2. Tranquil Lakes

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The Dal Lake and Nageen Lakes, which are remains of the Karewa Lake, present you with the richness of the Karewa Lake. As you float across the waterways in a houseboat, the tranquility is unrivaled. The kindness and friendliness of the hosts make it a wonderful pleasure, without which Kashmir would be incomplete.

3. The Snow

While the summers unleash the full power of the lush meadows, the winters provide pure, unadulterated beauty in the form of snow-capped peaks. The hills have white tops with deeper blue bottoms that are framed by lush green trees. This is where winter is at its most vibrant.

4. The Tulip Gardens

The gardens, which date back centuries, have been preserved. Tulips reveal their colors in their purest forms in the spring. If you chance to be in Kashmir in the spring, this is an experience you must not miss.

5. The Meadows

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The gentle hills are blanketed in green for kilometers at a time, overlapping in the horizons. The grass’s medium green hue is nicely contrasted with the hill’s darker greens. Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy a relaxed evening with beautiful sunsets. The hills in the background are snow-covered just before spring arrives.

6. Kashmiri Cuisine

Kashmiri food is full of complex flavors and vibrant colors. Some of them take hours to create because they emulsify flavors and stimulate taste receptors that have never been stimulated before. Kashmir has a variety of cuisines that are unique to the region. Lunch on a houseboat on Dal Lake is the ultimate experience. The tranquility combined with the furious flavors creates a delightful sensory contradiction. Rogan Josh, Yakhni or Dum Aloo, and Kahwa are among the most popular.

7. Friendly Locals

People form a place, and the shy and smiling Kashmiri people welcome you with tremendous warmth, love, and unity as soon as you step foot upon this magnificent Paradise.

The beautiful pallet of colors and flavors that make up heaven on earth is more than just that. You may also find it in its people, music, and energy. While Kashmir has had a tumultuous political history, it stands tall in culture and lifestyle. The saffron and spices grown on its grounds are unique in the world. You can find nothing anyplace else in Kashmir. This is why monarchs, travelers, and ordinary people have admired Paradise for millennia. They felt compelled to return as many times as they possibly could.

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