How to Reach Tahiti from India | India to Tahiti Travel

How to Reach Tahiti from India | India to Tahiti Travel

Visit the paradise in Tahiti and experience the lively culture to enjoy a fun holiday experience! Find how to reach Tahiti from India below.

The Island of Tahiti is located in the South Pacific ocean. When you think about Tahiti, you probably imagine a beautiful island paradise and when you visit there you’ll see that your image isn’t far off the mark. These islands are a realm where fantasies meet reality, secluded, tropical, and beautiful. Continue reading to learn more about each of French Polynesia’s distinct islands and how to reach Tahiti from India.

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There are no direct flights from India to French Polynesia. Air France and Japan Carriers are other airlines that fly to French Polynesia.

Why Tahiti?

1. A lively culture

Tahiti, the largest and most populous of the Tahitian Islands, offers a package of Tahitian culture, music, and dance. Visit a contemporary art exhibition, a unique play, or a traditional or modern concert in Papeete, or see an exquisite Tahitian dance spectacle called ‘Ori Tahiti. Tahiti offers the chance to explore many forms of artistic expression.

2. Amazing Experience

Tahiti island is known for its warm friendliness, laid-back culture, and the fact that welcomes everyone. Tourists can easily notice genuine and spontaneous friendliness. People smile all the time here, and they frequently take the time to provide advice, information, a map of Tahiti, or a tale. Visitors will immediately feel at ease with the pace of life on the Tahitian islands.

3. A Wide List of Activities

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The island of Tahiti gradually reveals its splendor as you travel across French Polynesia and the Tahitian Islands. It can be explored in a variety of ways, including black sand beaches on the East coast. One can visit white sand beaches on the West coast. Some popular activities include diving, beginner and legendary surf spots, mountainous peaks within desert lush valleys, at a luxurious Tahiti resort, or the historic site of Papeete’s colorful market, and much more.

Things to Do

French Polynesia is an adventurer’s paradise, with numerous options for activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, diving, trekking, and more. The nation, however, has much more to offer than beaches and woods. Papeete is a lively city with several churches, monuments, parks, and other attractions. Every year in June and July, Tahiti hosts the Heiva Festival, which features captivating music and dance performances by locals.

You Should know this Before Going to Tahiti

What is the Best Time to Visit?

French Polynesia has winters from May to October. Firstly, because it is located in the Southern Hemisphere and may be the greatest season to visit since the temperature is nice and there will be less humidity, making it ideal for outdoor activities. If you visit French Polynesia around this period, don’t miss the Heiva Festival.

Time and Weather Difference Between India and Tahiti

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French Polynesia is 15 hours and 30 minutes behind India. The climate of the nation is tropical, with considerable humidity. Temperatures range from 26 to 29 degrees Celsius on average. Summers are hot and humid from November to April, whereas winters are milder and drier from May to October.

Other Information:

The inhabitants of the nation have a laid-back attitude and believe in living life to the utmost. Their Maohi ancestors have had a major effect on Tahitian culture. In their society, music, dancing, and festivals play a vital part. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your vacation to the islands.

  • When participating in water activities, keep an eye out for aquatic creatures such as Moray eels.
  • Respect the local people’s traditions and customs.

Important Documents for a Visit to Tahiti

If you’re an Indian citizen you must apply for a visa if you desire to visit French Polynesia. The application can be sent to the nearest French Polynesia Embassy.

All visitors to The Islands of Tahiti are requested to bring all necessary documents, visas, and special permits for entry, complying with all legal requirements imposed by their nationality, country of origin, final destination, and transit conditions, also the rules and regulations of the transportation provider.

They also must monitor the validity dates of these travel papers and, if required, renew them.

How to Reach Tahiti from India

Flying from India to Tahiti is the cheapest option, costing between Rs.80,000 and Rs.1,40,000 and taking 24 hours and 21 minutes. If you are seeking the fastest flight for flying from India to Tahiti, it will take 23 hours and 20 minutes and cost between Rs.90,000 and Rs.220,000. The total distance between India and Tahiti is 14983km. In Tahiti, there are around 171 hotels to choose from. The nightly rate starts at $7,500.

Domestic Travel

The islands of Moorea and Tahiti are home to the majority of French Polynesians. You may either fly or use a boat to get from one island to the next.

  • Air Tahiti is the main airline serving French Polynesia’s domestic air travel. It operates regular flights to the country’s most popular locations. This airline also sells several sorts of passes that cover certain islands. However, you may also book chartered planes or helicopters, both of which are available on demand.
  • Ferries and cruise ships are other major modes of transportation. Ferry services to and from some islands run several times a day.

Covid-19 Guidelines

For unvaccinated tourists and those who have not been at least 15 days in one of the authorized countries* before departure have to follow these rules:

  • The ETIS* platform’s registration receipt (please complete this application within 30-6 days before departure).
  • From the “Administrative Application,” the High-Commissioner will give the authorization to travel into French Polynesia (to be found on the ETIS platform).
  • Health, Work, or Family are all compelling reasons to travel.
  • A negative RT-PCR test not dating more than three days before travel is mandatory.

Please note that the Health Authorities of French Polynesia do not recognize Antigen, Antibody, Self-Testing, Home Testing, or Quick Tests of any type, including rapid RT-PCR tests like the Abbott ID NOW, and airplane boarding will be refused.

For Vaccinated Travellers:

  • The ETIS* platform’s registration receipt (please complete this application 30-6 days before departure)
  • A negative RT-PCR test is a must. The test must not date older than three days before the travel.
  • If you’re vaccinated you have to submit immunization documents.
  • Children under the age of 18 who are traveling with a vaccinated adult must do an extra test (given upon arrival) and submit it to their hotel or a designated health facility on days 4 and 8.

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