Air Seats for Bikes | Cushion Bike Seats for Long Journey

Air Seats for Bikes | Cushion Bike Seats for Long Journey

Here are some air seats for bikes that you can choose from to ensure a comfortable bike ride while on a long journey without hurting your butt or back.

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A long motorbike trip is something that everyone enjoys. Consider yourself on a ride in the countryside. ‘Warm light on your face, lovely trees across your path, no traffic or noise!’ Everything in this image is wonderful, except for the fact that after a lengthy ride, your butt and lower back begin to hurt. Riding for long periods might be one of the most painful experiences a rider can have. A firm bike seat not only makes riding unpleasant for you but can also cause significant lower back and tailbone injuries. If you’re a long-distance rider who has these problems, you shouldn’t overlook them any longer. Rather, you should invest in a decent seat cushion to alleviate pain and discomfort. We’ve put together some reviews for some of the most popular air seats for bikes on the market today. Have a look and get one for yourself before you experience any major injuries or long-term illnesses resulting from poor posture and unpleasant seating!

Air Seats for Bikes

1. Air Cushion Seats

The air cushion cover of is constructed of delicate heat-absorbing material. Air cushion allows you to utilize the cushion in any conditions and not feel uncomfortable riding the bike. The seat cushion has netting on the sides to allow hot air produced by prolonged sitting to be recycled rather than trapped in the cover.

The shape and dimensions are custom-made to fit most bikes on the market. The seat cover has two adjustable straps on either side to secure it to your motorbike or scooter of choice. Both the rider and the pillion passenger can utilize the seat cover.

The anti-skid coating on the rear of the cover is a nice touch. The air cushion seat, in our opinion, is best for highways and lengthy trips when you don’t need to brake frequently. Slipping may occur on regular city roads with speed breakers, potholes, and other hazards. The seat cushion weighs 422 grams and you can purchase it for around Rs 2,500.

2. FEGO Leather Air Cushion Seat Add-on

Even on the roughest roads, the FEGO air suspension provides excellent comfort. According to the firm, bumps, breaks, and potholes are said to be reduced by 46 percent. The seat cushion works as an air suspension float, elevating and comforting your ride.

To blow air into the pad, you don’t need a special pump, and you can use your mouth. The seat cushion may be connected to the bike with a simple strap after it has fully inflated.

The unique technology utilized to create the FEGO air suspension cushion uniformly distributes pressure, ensuring that you do not experience pain in any one place of your body. AThe cushion includes a rain cover, mesh, and an anti-skid bottom surface. Cruiser bikes, touring cycles, and scooters can all benefit from the cushion. It’s also ideal for pillion passengers. The air suspension technology is great for pregnant women and those who have back problems. The FEGO Air Suspension Seat costs around Rs 2000 and is suitable for city commuting, long journeys, and highway riding.

3. Ride on Air ADV Sports Alpha Bike Air Seat Cushion

The Ride-on Air ADV Air seat is developed particularly for sportbikes. It’s designed specifically for a sports bike’s small front seat. The air seat cushion is ideal for compact dual sport seats.

A tiny pump is included with the Ride on Air ADV to inflate the cushion. To fasten the cushion to your bike’s seat, there are two straps available. The air seat is made up of ten linked air cells that ensure a consistent pressure distribution. The tapering cells limit contact with the scrotum, resulting in little pressure or pain for the rider. The air seat also claims to alleviate back discomfort. There will be no numbness on this plane seat. The air seat also doesn’t retain any heat or moisture.

This seat cushion may not provide relief from back discomfort, but it will undoubtedly provide relief from butt numbness. Keep the air pump with you if you plan on riding all day since you may need to re-pump the cushion a few times.

This air cushion is also the most costly in this class, costing around Rs 4,000 or more depending on the size.

4. TREK’ N’ RIDE SoreBuster Air Cushion Seat Cover

The Trek N Ride air cushion saddle cover is excellent for big cruiser bikes or medium-sized sports cycles. The product, as the name implies, prevents your butt from becoming uncomfortable after lengthy rides. The saddle cover includes an anti-slip seat cover that properly fits your bike’s seat. There are two velcro straps on either side of the saddle to secure the cover to the bike. On both sides of the saddle, there is a high-quality mesh to guarantee that air is recycled. The mesh wicks away heat and moisture, allowing the rider to stay cool and dry during the journey.

Along with the saddle cover, you’ll get an air pump. It is possible to use it to inflate the cover. The pump is lightweight and portable so that you can take it along for the journey. You may also blow into the cover with your lips to inflate it.

Why Have a Seat Cushion?

You might be wondering why a seat cushion is required. Well, various people may use them for different reasons.

The most obvious purpose is to alleviate numbness in the buttocks and discomfort in the tailbone. On specific regions of your body, constant ridding might cause discomfort and numbness. It can also result in more serious and long-term injuries and illnesses. Bike seats are primarily designed for appearance rather than comfort. Manufacturers of bikes do not put much effort into making a comfortable seat. They are more concerned with the seat’s look concerning the motorcycle. A seat cushion improves the comfort of your ride by reducing shock, vibrations, and pressure from bumps, potholes, and other road hazards. They also improve blood flow to the tissues around your butt, reducing pressure and soreness in your butt.

When there is no discomfort or pressure, you stop fidgeting and preserve a healthy posture. Seat cushion guarantees that you do not get any long-term back problems. Investing in a nice seat cushion is essential, especially for those of you who frequently go for long rides or spend a significant amount of time on your bike.

Additionally, regardless of the amount of time spent on a bike, pregnant women, the elderly, and those who already have back issues should wear seat cushions.

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