6 Best Motorcycle Side Boxes in India 2019-2020

6 Best Motorcycle Side Boxes in India 2019-2020

Experience a stress-free ride & add a stylish look to your bike with a side box. It will help you ride free with holding all the needed essentials. It is a very important utility for the bikes in every city of India, as side boxes protect your belongings from bad weather conditions, thieves and make it easy to carry everything. It also reduces the bike rider’s hassle in Indian traffic conditions. A perfect bike side box should be tough and strong. They offer good storage capacity and best in carrying belongings for long distances safely.

While buying a side box for your bike check for toughness, capacity, waterproof quality, and best design to suit your motorbike. It won’t spoil your bikes look while will add a stylish look to it.

Why you need a side box for a motorbike?

Motorcycle side boxes are the addition to your bikes, which you can add at either side of the bike near the back wheel. Side boxes help you to store your essentials while you ride freely without any carrier bags. In them, you can store your bike’s insurance papers and other needful documents. More than that, you can put inside a portable first-aid kit to help you during accidents. The side boxes come with a key to lock it when you’re riding to prevent flapping of the top.

It’s easy to install the boxes on your own with the clamps and bolts that come along with it. You just need the right tools and little knowledge about installing them. But if you’re not good at such stuff, you can always hop onto the nearest garage to get it installed right. Also, these boxes might come handy while traveling to far off places to store food, drinks, and other essentials. Just choose the right size to suit your purpose, that’s all. For instance, we’re providing some of the best motorcycle side boxes available in India for you to pick! But before that, you must consider the following factors in order to choose the correct option from the wide spectrum.

1. Sturdiness

Make sure that whichever sidebox you pick, it should be sturdy enough to stay in place throughout. And even if you choose the best side box, it must be installed properly to avoid any discrepancies. Understand your needs and study your bike before going for an option in order to maintain compatibility between the two. With compatibility, it comes the factor of style; whether or not the side box will look good once installed. You can’t just pick any sidebox and get it done if it deteriorates the appearance of your motorcycle.

How to check the accessory compatibility according to your bike. Read this article to find out the compatibility of the accessories for your bike.

2. Space

If you’re buying a sidebox to suit your daily purposes like storing important documents or a lunchbox or a small tool kit then you can go for a small to medium-sized side box. But if you’re planning for a sidebox to come handy when you go traveling or road trip, opt for a larger size to help you with storing your essentials. It’s all about your storage needs that would determine the size of the sidebox you need. We have jotted down the dimensions of each sidebox so that you can choose the one according to your needs.

3. Roughness

Choose on a material that must be rough and tough and would struggle through the hardest wear and tear, because these things you can’t and won’t buy again and again. And if you’re a rash driver (we don’t recommend that at all because you will endanger yours as well as fellow riders life), you should definitely opt for the hardest material. Among the sideboxes listed below, some are of fabric as well but that doesn’t mean they are not sturdy, one being made by ballistic fabric for rough & tough use which we liked the most (#1 in the list), considering every aspect of it.

4. Water-proof

To store your documents and essentials safe from water and dirt, go for a water-proof sidebox, which will ensure that no rainwater seeps inside the box no matter what. Make sure that you buy a 100% waterproof sidebox. This choice is really important since you will, of course, keep your gadgets in them as well. Fabric made sideboxes are provided with rain covers to make them 100% water-proof (don’t worry we have sorted those sideboxes for you).

5. Payload Capacity

As per your needs, opt for an optimum sidebox to store all the things you want to fit in without falling. If you, even unintentionally, pick a sidebox with a low payload capacity, you won’t be able to fit in everything you wanted to. Hence, research through the following motorcycle sideboxes and end up choosing the best.

6. Style

Needless to say, people always wish to attract others towards their stylish bikes and flaunt their motorcycle on the road. As said above, a sidebox can either increase or decrease the looks of your bike, it has the capability! So, choose the most stylish or even any sidebox which can potentially make your bike look more trendy and attractive!

Here are 8 best motorcycle sideboxes that we have chosen based on multiple selection criteria:

1. Golden Riders Brief-case Style Double-Sided Motorbike Saddlebags

Golden Riders Brief-case Style Double-Sided Motorbike Saddlebags are styled compact and expandable double-sided saddlebags for motorcycles. It could be used on almost every bike/scooter. Fabricated using unique covered ballistic fabric for rough & tough use. Every bag can be adjusted at numerous retaining capacities, ordinary at 25 liters and 39 liters on expansion. Reflective-3m taping for personal protection in the course of terrible visibility conditions. Double straps and multi D-hooks at the backside of bags are provided. In-constructed rainstorm masking in fluorescent color.

The bag is compact styled, it’s expandable and removable pair of luggage for motorcycles. It mounts on motorbike’s lower back seat as horse-saddle. It’s designed to fit properly on most of the motorcycles and its shape helps in attaining proper stability.

It is made from heavy-duty, double-stitched fabric- particularly made on strengthen-heavy sewing machines. Secondary shell- polyester 190 t, water-resistant, long-lasting material. Heavy-responsibility plastic fittings, zippers-sliders, nylon strap(harness)/ velcro/ elastic/ mesh. Rainstorm covers in water-evidence rubberized material. Certified 100% nylon thread for sewing.

The Bag’s shape is just like a briefcase, with the option to increase in outward route. Has an intact & strong grip on the bike whilst riding any terrains. Volume: 39+ liters in total, 19.5 liters per aspect. Internal color fluorescent orange and rainstorm covers are fluorescent orange.

The bag has a zipper enclosure essential compartment with the choice to make it bigger. Per bag/computer cushioned pocket, outside zipper pocket, outdoor bottle 2 pockets. Additional d-rings on the outer facet to hook bungee cords for added safety.

GR GOLDEN RIDERS | V-LOX 39 | Brief-case Style Double-Sided Motorbike Saddlebags for Bike
  1. The bag is compact & foldable which makes it easy to carry.
  2. It is fabricated using unique covered ballistic fabric.
  3. Intact & proper match on the bike with 3 x straps to tighten up the baggage on lower back aspects.
  4. The gap between baggage can be adjusted for best fitting.
  5. 3m-reflective tape for safety in the course of bad visibility.
  6. Dimensions - Length : 14 (inch) Width : 8 (inch) Height :10 (inch).
  7. Brighter linings for higher vision even in low light.
  8. The capacity is 39 liters.
  9. It's designed to apply to any or every model of bike.
  10. Fluorescent color rainstorm covers for safety towards rain, and dust.
  11. Budget-friendly and best in class product with good response from customers.

Additional images:

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Price: 3,299.00

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2. Venom Wingman Fabric Saddle Bag (Set of 2)

Venom Fabric Saddle Bag is a premium quality riding gear. The fabric used is of good quality. It is a double knit fabric and has detachable saddles. It’s side pockets can carry 2 bottles 2 liters and 1 liter easily. It comes with a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects. The capacity of each bag is 28 liters, the total capacity of it is 56 liters. The bag also comes with rain cover, attached below the bag in a hidden pocket which will protect the bag from dust and rains.

Since it’s a saddlebag, fitting it on any bike won’t be much of a problem. It will fit most of the Indian bikes in the market. It’s great for touring and long trips. The detachable saddle makes it multipurpose, you can use it for your daily needs as well. The capacity of 28 liters per bag is exceptionally good, you can store most of your stuff into it.

Venom Wingman Fabric Saddle Bag (Set of 2, Black) (DD-ML-0001)
  1. Good storage capacity, ideal for touring.
  2. 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects.
  3. Double knit fabric, provides sturdy build quality to the product
  4. Detachable saddles.
  5. Rain covers are provided for protection.
  6. Chains could have been better.
  7. Fits on most bikes.
  8. Budget-friendly product.

Additional images:

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Price: 3,410.00

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3. Studds Mobike Luggage with Universal Fitment Clamp

Studds Mobike Luggage is a good sidebox, especially on small cylinder bikes. Since it’s a Studds product, the quality is expected to be great and it has not let us down, the quality is indeed good. Keep your stuff organized and safe with this motorcycle side box. The capacity of this sidebox is 15 liters, good for day to day use.

It’s not recommended to keep heavy stuff in it. You can keep your lunchbox, small items, original documents into the box. It’s a good accessory to keep stuff handy for your bike. This product is not meant for touring and for long rides but it will last long on your bike.

Studds Mobike Luggage 100cc Super Box with Universal Fitment Clamp (Matt Black)
  1. All boxes are injection molded in a combination of engineering plastics
  2. Fitted with six-lever tamper-proof locking system
  3. Volumetric Capacity: 15 liters
  4. Payload: 10 kg
  5. The box is a great accessory under budget of 1k.
  6. This luggage box is a smart addition to your motorcycle
  7. Long-lasting product under the budget of 1k.
  8. You will need to contact a mechanic to fix it.
  9. Best for small cylinder bikes.
  10. The procedure for fixing it could have been easier to do.
  11. The matt black color looks way better than conventional steel side boxes.

Additional images:

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Price: 995.00

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4. Visionrabbit Side Box Bike Luggage Box (Black) Sidelugga21

Visionrabbit Side Box Bike Luggage Box fits most of the bikes available on the Indian market. The material of this Saddlebag is made with high-quality hard plastic. It is durable and spacious for keeping a good amount of things.

The saddlebag is mounted on the rear right side with needed fitment given, which works as a load carrier of need, as we all need to carry some amount of required things every time this is a perfect bag for such an emergency and regular use. Designed for heavy luggage carriers of regular use and material used is durable and long-lasting. A standard size bag of every use. The appearance of the saddlebag is satisfactory considering the price range, it has red reflectors making it more visible on road.

visionrabbit Side Box Bike Luggage Box (Black) Sidelugga21
  1. Easy installation
  2. Good durability and spacious.
  3. The specifications provided on amazon don't satisfy us.
  4. You can buy it if you are tight on budget; we don't recommend it for touring. For city rides its good.
  5. Overall a good product.

Additional images:

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Price: 3,590.00

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5. Trek ‘N’ Ride Motorcycle Top Case

Trek ‘N’ Ride Motorcycle Top Case is an ideal touring partner with a bolt-on base plate and quick release case. This bag has a capacity of 40L and it can even fit an XL sized full-face helmet. It is good for storing many things, the quality of it is also really good. It comes with pillion rider backrest support which can be beneficial in long rides to the pillion. The top rack attached to the case can hold extra luggage as well. The build quality and the finishing of the product is quite good too. It is one of the most loved products available on Amazon.

TREK ‘N’ RIDE Motorcycle Top Case (Black)
  1. This case also got pillion backrest and top rack for extra luggage
  2. Can hold an XL size full-face helmet
  3. Capacity: 40l
  4. Dimension: 48.5x43x31cm
  5. Box body colour: black/ material: pp
  6. Sturdy build, good finishing, and build quality.
  7. One drawback- After fixing this, the pillion rider will get somewhat less space to space might even feel congested but it depends upon the extra backspace on the bike.

Additional images:

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Price: 8,499.00

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6. Sarte Bike Side Luggage Holder

Sarte Bike Side Luggage Holder is a budget-friendly sidebox which can be used for city rides daily. It comes with a lock which will let you ride freely, you can store all the needed essentials like important documents, a small bunch of tools, a small tiffin box, etc. Quite easy to fit, durable, and reliable provides all-weather protection to stuff kept inside.

It is best for keeping a small bunch of tools, documents, small tiffin/lunch box, etc its locking feature lets you be stress-free even if you have parked your bike with important papers in the box. It also enhances the overall look of the bike with its new-gen design unlike old traditional side bags or boxes that need to be installed with the help of metal plates and screws to bare any type of bumpy ride material: FRP plastic (fiber-reinforced plastic).

You might face confusion about whether you should buy a sidebox (a dikki) or a saddlebag (a fabric made)?

Well, it all depends upon your needs. If you are a daily city commuter and don’t go for long rides or trips then you should opt for the sidebox (a dikki). If you are someone who is looking for storing a large number of necessary items for an upcoming long trip, then you should definitely opt for the saddlebag. The saddlebags can easily be attached and detached from the bike in no time, have large storage capacity, they are sturdy and even water-proof which makes them ideal for long rides.

On the contrary, a dikki needs clamps to be fixed and might even require a mechanic to fix them properly on the bike, some are even bike-specific. They are waterproof, sturdy, and quite durable for the long run but don’t provide much capacity like the saddlebag. For daily commutes, a dikki is a better choice than saddlebags.

A common question that arises to bikers mind while buying a sidebox or saddlebag is- Whether the sidebox will create any issues for the pillion rider?

If the size of the sidebox is big then the pillion rider will surely feel uncomfortable otherwise they are not much problematic to them.

Which one would we buy (Our Verdict)?

Well, if we are daily commuters and city riders then we would surely buy:

-Studds Mobike Luggage

If we are going for tours and love to travel then definitely we would go with:

-Golden Riders Brief-case Style Double-Sided Motorbike Saddlebags, or

-Trek ‘N’ Ride Motorcycle Top Case, depending on your preference of saddlebag or a dikki type sidebox. This decision is totally up to you since they both have their advantages and disadvantages as discussed in the earlier section.

We hope that you liked our detailed comparison and review post on the best motorcycle side boxes in India 2019-2020. If you have any doubts feel free to comment down below and we will surely respond to you in time.

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