10 Dominar Bike Accessories | Accessories for Dominar

10 Dominar Bike Accessories | Accessories for Dominar

Choose from any of these dominar bike accessories for dominar 250/400 and enhance the functionality of the bike for a fun and comfortable bike journey!

Dominar Bike Accessories
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Dominar is one of Bajaj’s finest bikes. However, it lacks certain features that are required for off-road use. So, if you want to improve your riding experience, these dominar bike accessories are a good choice. These will enhance your enjoyment of the journey while also increasing safety precautions. We’ve compiled a list of some of the essential accessories for your Dominar 250/400 so that it can perform better on lengthy journeys on highways or even city streets. Let’s have a look at them!

1. Zana Bajaj Dominar Engine Guard with Sliders

During the unfortunate situation of a crash, the engine guard might be incapable of protecting the radiator, engine casing, or gasoline tank from harm. An accident may be hazardous for both you and your bike since any of these components could fail and create an explosion! If this occurs while you are riding, you might suffer catastrophic injuries such as shattered limbs or even death.

This engine guard can minimize the harm to your engine during an accident. It also contains polymer spacers that function as vibration dampeners. This reduces the risk of scratches on your motorbike from accidental falls. The polymer sliders provide progressive wear so that they do not shatter suddenly after numerous crashes. This in turn prevents severe harm from occurring to the bike or to the rider.

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2. Zana Saddle Stay

The Dominar is a bike designed for cruising and extended journeys. However, if you were to collapse in an accident, there is no protection for the radiator or oil tank.

While most of us don’t consider it when we’re out riding, there’s a risk you might get involved in an accident while on your bike. Even if you do not fall off the bike, your motorbike will develop scratches and dents over time due to normal wear and tear when traveling to work/college, etc.

The Zana Saddle Stay for the Bajaj Dominar 250/400 was created with these concerns in mind. It provides adequate cushioning during accidents to protect the most susceptible elements of your motorbike – the radiator, engine casing, and fuel tank (in the event of a fall). The usage of Cold Rolled Powder Coated Steel Tubes in the production process ensures no corrosion or rust damage.

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3. Zana Dominar GPS Mount

The Zana Bajaj Dominar 250/400 GPS Mount is constructed of powder-coated steel and will endure longer than other mounts. It also features an aluminum body, making it robust and long-lasting. You may also place it on any part of your handlebar or tank without the need for any tools!

This device is perfect for those who wish to use their phones to navigate about town or over large distances while riding. You may use portrait mode on your phone to see the map well without constantly rotating it. If you want additional stability, this mount should be able to meet your requirements.

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4. Pro Shield Visor with Clamps for Dominar

Dominar Bike Accessories2

Visors are sensitive to damage and degrade over time as a result of use. That is why we listed a visor that would endure longer than standard visors. The pro shield visor is composed of high-quality plastic that will not readily shatter or fracture when used for an extended period. It also features an anti-scratch coating, so you won’t have to worry about it being damaged even if it’s exposed to harsh weather like rain, snow, or dust.

Because of its superior design and construction, you can now ride your Dominar bike without worrying about wind resistance hurting your face while having this visor. The UV protection function protects you from the sun’s harmful rays as well.

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5. Dominar Radiator Grill

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A motorcycle’s radiator is exposed to the risk of being damaged. Debris or stones can quickly harm it while off-roading or even on conventional highways with poor road conditions. If not addressed promptly, this can escalate to more serious issues and cost you more money in repairs.

A radiator grill is required to protect your bike from damage that may occur when riding in rugged terrains or on streets with dirt and stones. Because a new radiator grill is affordable and simple to install, it’s recommended to invest in one now rather than later!

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6. Barkbusters VPS Hand Guards

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In India, the Dominar is the most popular bike. Knuckle guards are one of the many accessories that people like to add to their bikes. However, obtaining a high-quality knuckle guard for dominar is difficult.

Knuckle guards protect your hands from injury when you hit something hard by mistake or fall on the road. If you don’t have any protection on your hands, it might seriously harm you. So, make sure you get excellent quality knuckle guards installed on your bike so that they can protect your hand from injury while also looking great!

Barkbusters provides high-quality, robust, durable, and inexpensive knuckle guards that compete with the costliest products on the market today!

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7. BOBO Mobile Phone Holder Mount

The issue with bike mounting is that they are either large and inconvenient or insufficiently secure. BOBO JAW-GRIP is the most minor and secure mount on the market today, according to the company. It’s composed of high-quality materials and has a quick-charge 3.0 USB connector, so you’ll never run out of charge when riding your bike!

8. Rynox Magnapod Tank Bag

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The RYNOX MagnaPod Tank Bag allows you to carry your essentials while riding conveniently. The MagnaPod is a stylish and functional tank bag that you can carry on any motorbike. The MagnaPod is ideal for transporting all of your necessary goods while riding, thanks to its streamlined design and a 21-liter capacity. It includes two side pockets and an under-flap organizer to keep things organized while on the go.

You may even use your phone without taking it out of its protective case or cover, thanks to the clear smart device screen! Its semi-rigid casing also protects everything within from harm during transportation. It also includes a waterproof rain cover with elasticated hems for a secure fit. Ensuring that your things remain dry and safe regardless of the weather conditions you encounter while on the road.

If you’re concerned that this is a magnetic tank bag, but your Dominar bike tank isn’t, don’t be. It also comes with extra straps that you may attach to your bike.

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9. Zana Backrest for Dominar

Many people who suffer from back discomfort are limited in their activities. They frequently have to forego activities that might benefit their health, such as working out or cleaning the house. The Zana Backrest is a brand-new and unique device that relieves back discomfort by supporting your lower back while riding a bike. This portable lumbar support device allows you to participate in various activities without fear of re-injuring yourself. The Zana Backrest helps users sit up straight without risking injury by slouching forward and putting strain on their backs.

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10. Art of Motorcycle Handlebar

The handlebar on the Dominar is a little small, and the standard grips are a little slick. Installing the Art of Motorcycle Dominar Handle will give you an adequate grip to tackle any terrain. Including mud and dirt. Tourers and rally racers who know what works best for long-distance riding have improved on the design of the Art of Motorcycle Dominar motorcycle handlebars.

The Art of Motorcycle Domiracer Handlebar is a high-quality aluminum alloy that provides strength, durability. And corrosion resistance at a reasonable price. It also gives a fantastic comfortable grip while riding in all types of terrains, regardless of how bumpy they are!

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These are some of the dominar bike accessories that you can invest in to improve the quality of your long bike journeys with a dominar 250 or 400!

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